Classes are held every Tuesday at Portishead Primary School. Click on a class below for further details.

+ Beginners' Class 8 - 8.45pm

These classes are aimed at total beginners and it doesn't matter when you join - we don't run courses that start at the beginning of each term, as some dance schools do. You will learn 3 or 4 moves in each class, and it will probably take you between 8 and 14 weeks to learn the beginners' moves and feel comfortable dancing them in freestyle sessions. Men tend to take slightly longer to learn the moves as they also have to learn to lead the dance!

Our emphasis is on teaching the basics and techniques of the moves, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Everyone makes mistakes so don't worry if you've never danced before or if you think you have 2 left feet!

+ Intermediates' Class 9.15 - 10pm

This class moves more quickly and you will be expected to know the beginners' moves and the basic techniques. There are hundreds of intermediate moves, but you will learn 4 or 5 moves in each class, and we repeat moves regularly to ensure you have a chance to remember them. In this class more time will be spent on teaching style, too, so you can look good when you are dancing!

+ ...or Beginners' Extra Class 9.15 - 10pm

You’ll go through the moves in more detail in a much smaller, informal class where you can ask questions and get one-to-one help. It speeds up your learning and you’ll get to know people more quickly.

+ Freestyle 10 - 10.30pm

Practising what you have been taught is the best way to progress, so make the most of the freestyle sessions. Once you have learnt a few basic moves, you can link them together in different ways as you feel inspired by the music!

There is a break for refreshments and freestyle practise/warm up between 8:45pm and 9.15pm. The full evening of lessons and freestyle sessions costs £7 per person.


Heather is the principal teacher. She has studied different dance styles throughout her life and competed in Latin and Ballroom when she was younger. She has a particular interest in teaching style and interpretation. Her passion is seeing people learning a new skill, often discovering a love of something they never thought they could do! She believes that dancing should be fun and that people should go home at the end of the evening with a smile on their face. She enjoys the fusion of jive with salsa, tango, ballroom and a range of other dance styles.


Herb has danced LeRoc for over 10 years and teaches with Heather regularly. He gets a real buzz from teaching beginners and is the main teacher for the revision beginners’ class. He loves the salsa-jive fusion and hearing any Latin track brings a smile to his face! Herb enjoys the social side of dancing and can be seen at dances far and wide across the South West.


Bev is the smiling face you’ll see when you arrive. She took up dancing because she was looking for a form of exercise she’d like as she doesn’t enjoy the gym. She started with Salsa then moved on to LeRoc after about six months and, 13 years later, she’s still enjoying it.  She loves the fact that LeRoc is adaptable incorporating varies dance styles and different genres of music.