We teach this modern form of jive in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere – if you go away having had fun and with a smile on your face, then we’ve done our job!

We have both beginner and intermediate/advanced classes every Tuesday at Portishead Primary School, and there is plenty of chance to practise during the evening. Our regular dances are held in the Somerset Hall in Portishead which has a fabulous dance floor, and we support the Children’s Hospice South West with two charity events each year.

If you’re new to dancing please check out our FAQs below where you’ll find lots of tips, and if you want to see what we get up to at our dances then browse the photos in our gallery!

We look forward to seeing you soon…



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+ What is LeRoc?

LeRoc is the French for rock 'n' roll. It was combined into one word and has become part of the English Language.

The dance itself evolved from the jive and rock 'n' roll and is a fun, stylish, modern jive which can be danced to virtually any music - from big band swing, to rock and roll, jazz and current chart hits.

+ Do I need a partner?

Definitely not. We change partners during the class every few minutes, so that everyone gets a chance to dance with other people. Not only does this help you to get to know others in the class but it is also the best way of learning from people with different levels of experience.

Our emphasis is on having fun and socialising as well as learning to dance, and everyone is very friendly. We encourage people to exchange names as they change partners during the evening, and very quickly you will gain the confidence to dance with a wide group of people. LeRoc etiquette is not to turn down offers of a dance!

+ What should I wear?

There isn't a dress code as such - just make sure you are comfortable. Ladies, in particular, need to be able to spin, so smooth soled shoes are advisable. Trainers should be avoided as the rubber soles grip the floor, making it hard to turn easily, and can cause a knee injury.

LeRoc is energetic and you can get very hot, especially in summer. At dances, and even for classes, some people bring small fans to help cool themselves down and also a change of shirt to make dancing more pleasurable - both for themselves and their partners!

+ I've never danced before - will I look stupid?

No! There are always other new beginners or people who have only done one or two lessons. You will learn 3 or 4 new moves in the lesson to give you a short routine you can dance by the end.

There are a core set of beginners' moves, which we rotate and incorporate into different groups over the weeks. This means that it doesn't matter when you join the class, and also helps you to learn how to link the moves together when you are dancing in the freestyle sessions.



Class changes

As I'm having major surgery soon and will have to rest for some months afterwards, a rota of lovely teachers will be coming to give their expertise each week at Portishead LeRoc from 4 September. Come along and enjoy their classes!

10 November - live band charity dance

As always we'l have a host of amazing raffle prizes and we also give away all the profits from the dance to the charity.

It is the 11th year Bring Down the House have given their time for free to help us raise money so put the date in your diary now - you know you'll have a great evening and will dance your feet off!

Fabulous dance floor and licensed bar. Doors open at 8.00pm… dance through to 1am.

Tickets £10 from the class or on the door.

We aren't selling any online for this event as I won't be well enough to acknowledge the sales, so please head over to our class for a fun Tuesday evening in October and buy yours there :)


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